Monday, April 27, 2009


so im currently bored because i have nothing to do tonight. Tuesdays I have no classes, so I will do my homework then. It is Monday night. I am bored. :P. Overall update i suppose would take up enough time to kill some of this boredom. Huzaahhh

So, basically. Classes this quarter are the biggest bitch ever. I get up at 8 and go off to chem, which all and all isnt that bad, in fact it has actually been getting rather interesting recently, it is just that i have no time to really get into it :/. Then, I get breakfast from 10-11. logical. no, but i have never been very logical, which is kinda of weird because my parents and siblings are VERY logically people. Whatever. Then its off to animal science. Let me say this now, I HATE THAT CLASS. We learn about the systems of very particular animals, and then how we can manipulate things in their system to get the most out of them. They are nothing more than a bloody resource! Uhhh. I really hate learning about a certain system for something soooo worthless, in my opinion at least. But its ok. Wildlife and Fish Conservation. Dear Lord I LOVE THAT CLASS. It is like they take the components of animals science, psychology, biology, chemistry, and all the other classes that I love, and put them together. It is freaking amazing. I feel like such a hippie in that class, but whatever. Maybe I am sort of a hippie. What are you going to do about it? :P Then, I get a break for lunch. for an hour. Then its off to bio. Overall the class is ok. I think I am going to get a B in it. Maybe a B plus. Who knows. I got a B on the midterm. Wheee. Since that was the first midterm, I will prob get a B plus in the class. Overall it is a long day. very long. I then go to the gym and try not kill myself.

So yea. Classes right now suck. I will probably get a B plus in chem and bio, then an A in wfc, and then i really am going to pray for a B in animal science. GOD I HATE THAT CLASS. The teacher is also incredibly boring. His voice makes me want to sleep. Or hit him on the head with a broken bottle. One of the two. XP. Perhaps a tad harsh, but it is true. ohh, and mother dear, i am not going to retract that statement for its graphic content :P.

mmmmmmm. Beyond the usually complaining about life, I am ready for summer. I am tired of classes right now :/. Whats worse is that everyone is getting off from school, in like a week or two, and I am stuck here for another month XP. Month and a half really, but who is counting? I will hopefully have a job lined up already when i get home, so i will be getting money :). and I am just ready to go home and see some people (not everyone) and hang out with those kids i was too dumb to hang out with high school. Seriously, I think I spent more time with the kids who were making fun of me behind my back, then with the kids who were actually my friends. :P. Sad really. Well, it was probably because I was such a stereotypical teenager. My god I was trying to fit in all the time! Well, guess what everyone, I have done some growing, and I don't need your bullshit anymore :). True friends, you know who you are, I promise to be a better friend to you guys, and I promise, we will have more fun this summer than you can possible imagine :D. kosher fun people. and no im not jewish, but i like that word :P, thanks for that jenn :).

So in conclusion, people be aware that I am either going to spend more time with you when I get home, or I won't. The people I hang out with/ text/ whatever, are people I want to hang out with. So to all you jerks from high school who made fun of me behind my back, hope it was worth it :P. [ohhh and so i dont confuse certain people these jerks are not kendrick m. (dude you know your boss, i doubt you even thought i am talking about you, but i bet you know who i am talking about), mandy bowers (we are going to nyc or if your stuck in school im coming to visit, end), sharyn e. (i am coming to visit you one weekend, be excited), hope llanso (gurllll we are hittin up some macdawLaldsss), jimmy forest (we are sooo going to qudoba), patrick b. (i miss you :'( where have you gone?), alex dannelly (we NEED to hang out, cause i NEVER see you), allison k. (call me when you get back, i enjoy our chats darling), the one and only rosie m. (in freaking england :P), kelsey smith (love you girl, miss you), prathana v. (girl, one: your name is ridiculous to spell sometimes :P, two: I HAVENT HEARD FROM YOU!! WHERE DID YOU GO!!), kim mangus. (i dont think you made fun of me behind my back :/) and prob a ton of people i missed, but this was just off the top of my head. Sorry if I missed you and you were a really good friend to me in high school, and WE WILL hang out during summer, so dont worry :).] Geez that was long. But! It killed time!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

thus begins the spring

So, spring is a bitch. I currently cannot sleep, and yet, about three hours ago I could barely function to type up my biology homework. Logical? NO. It was probably the coffee I drank three hours ago, but seriously, I only had one cup, and it was three hours ago. That should not be keeping me up. Wheeee

So, summary of how life has been. Spring break rocked socks. Seriously it rocked so hard, my socks literally were rocked off. That and Candy, Jessie's cat, was chewing on them. For those who do not know, I went to Paso Robles for spring break! Yay! We went to SLO a couple of time, and we went to the beach ALOT! I loved the beach! It was amazing! And I found this cool shell that jessie made a necklace for me, which I will wear as much as possible because it reminds me of that amazing spring break. We also sat out and ate burgers on the beach, and stayed up late watching movies, and went start gazing a couple of times. Over all Paso is beautiful and amazing. OH! AND! there were sealsss!!! On the beach!! :D. It was very exciting to see one! and then we found one on the beach, and I got so close I could have touched it. I didn't, but just knowing I could have made me happy. So yea break was amazing, hands down. AND, i kinda got tan! Exciting? I think so. Well, it was more like sun burned. But it kinda looks like a tan now. And it does not hurt, sooooo, i want to chop that under tan. :D

Then we came back to school. That sentence it self is a menace to society. Uhhhh. I have been back a week, and what a hellish week it has been. My Mondays absolutely suck. I have class from 9 am until 10 pm at night. XP. 8 hours of class on Mondays are awful. I feel like I am done, but then, I'm not. PLUS I got hit by a car this week on Monday. XP. I was biking to go get a package from the post office, and I was on the bike path, and this car decides to turn right without looking, and sends me flying. I was fine, his car was in bad shape. But w/e. It was just icing on a bad day cake. uhhhhh. Tuesdays are nice though. No classes. But, I still have tae kwon do from 6:30-8:30 and that really kicked my butt this week. Seriously I am so sore. Made Wendsday even worse. Wendsday is really long too, and I thought I had tae kwon do at night too, but I dont, so that makes things easier!! We shall see how Thursdays go. It is even more complicated cause I am declaring a double major. That's right people, I am declaring another major! and a specialization. Ready for it? I am going to declare an art major with animal science specialized in marine animals :D:D!! I so excited. I am just getting the paper work approved now, and I have my moms blessing, so all is good!!!

So yea. It has been a busy week. And my mommy and little brother are coming to visit next week!! ahhh!!! im both excited but nervous. Means I have to clean up my room before they get here :/. Wow. I am soooo bored. Coffee is still keeping me up though :S. What to do?!?! God I am going to crash so bad tomorrow.