Saturday, November 29, 2008

Its day three of my epic journey of going deep inside the land of epic boredom, and after nearly avoiding deathly scenarios, and earth shattering combats, I have survived. For those of you who appreciate my sarcasm, i want to let you know, that i appreciate you. Last night was actually somewhat interesting. I was talking to my baby Naka and we were talking about when i come home, I will be going down to Castles/ PV Classic/ whatever the fuck it is always keeps changing.........and after a while, he convinced me that I should at least swim one event. So, I emailed Jeff seeing if the feat is actually possible. I am fairly sure it is, because I am registered for USA swimming for my new swim team, so I am pretty sure that I will be swimming. But, I had to choose an event. My choices where between 50 bk, and 200 fly, great options. So naturally I chose the 200 fly over the 50 bk, any day. This is going to be a bitch swim, but I am pretty much guaranteed to make finals. I will be going down to VA, which is about an hour from my house, swimming in prelims, chillin with my peeps till finals, and then swim finals. I am so excited!!!! kinda nervous, cause im not going to do that well, but it will be fun to see everyone cheering for me, hopefully!!!!!!!!

Two more weeks left, one would naturally think that I would be studying all this time being alone. Nope. I have been doing about everything other than studying. I went over a couple of my notes for the lab final this week......that is about it. Other than that, I havent done squat XP. I feel like when all my friends come back, I will get my butt back in action, and start studying again. I have also taken myself to go the gym everyday, and go to practice on top of that. This should be interesting.....OHHH and i was thinking about dying my hair, nothing crazy or ridiculous, just a dark brown. Crazy? idk, just to see what it looks like. Anyone protest?

Thursday, November 27, 2008


well, its here people, Thanksgiving. Do you know what i am doing right now? I will tell you what i am not doing. I am not home with my family, and more importantly animals. I am stuck in davis, with no one here. No Jenn, no Jess, no Sarah, no Lauren, no Evan, hell, WILL ISNT EVEN HERE. Although, i seriously doubt i would ever be that desperate.....i dont know what we would even talk about! But anyway, I am so bored, that i have nothing to do, except blog. So here it is, me blogging.

New Stuff: besides missing my friends, i do have some new stuff. I skipped alot of swimming this week because practices werent at an ideal time, so i only went to one practice this week, which is not going to be good for my meet coming up. But, I know i really shouldnt be stressing this meet, because i am not really going to be knuckling down for practices until after the break. That will be intresting. Right now I am going to work hard on my body. Yes, my body. This is so vain, but, I want to make sure I look good. So I am going to set up a schedule for working out in the gym for about an hour, or maybe more. All of it will be muscle development, because swimming is what works my cardio. I think if i do it everyday, at certain time, I will actually do it, everyday. I think I will do it after class, from 12-1, or maybe later. Then I can go to lunch, and then go to swim practice. That will last me for a while. :) Although, this plan is only going to last for a while because the quarter ends in about two weeks! which means finals are coming up REALLY soon, which is making me really nervous. Ughhghg, i probably should get to studying for my finals. But, on the upside, when fnals are finally over, I can finally go home, and relax with my animals. Too bad it will only last about two weeks XP. And it will be busy. Right when I get home, I am going to Virginia the next day to see my friends swim at Castles, then on Sunday I am saying hi to everyone back home. Then, I start work at the vet hospital on Monday, and then I have to stay there till I leave, Jan 1. Ughghgh, I barley have a break at all. But, I am looking forward to my next set of classes for the following quarter. I am taking Avian Science 11, Bio Med Calculus C, Chemistry B, and a writing class, ironically, not the writing class i need before my first year ends, but its a writing class. I have to take the writing test right when i get back from my vacation, to see if i need to take a basic writing class, i probably will fail XP. Not looking forward to that.

Old Stuff: Some fun stuff has happened recently, that i havent got to write about. Going chronologically, I saw Twilight. It was very good, although it made me really homesick seeing how much my life is like the movie. But, after the movie, I wa sto go to a discussion were we analyze the movie, but it was an all girl thing, and i was the only boy. Equals disaster. They were all being femist, and I was all being a man, and eventually i simply shut my mouth, as to not get plastered for forming my own opinion. Life, what can you do. Then, on Wends, i finished up my last class, and I had nothing left to do, because all my friends had already gone home. So I sat in the large open room, by myself, and just decided to sit in on the next class. Apparently it was organic chemistry. They were taking a quiz. I failed it. But afterward, I took notes on what the proffessor was lecturing about, it was quite fascinating, actually. Other than that, it has been an uneventful week. I need to do my chem lab over the break. I might just do it now, to get it over and done with, but i need to do it, never the less. So yea, thats the update, not much going on, and cant wait for everyone to get back!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


ok, i am so nervous for my first meet. I am freakin out. It is not ok. I am still very much out of shape, I am barley holding 1:08 in prac, for 100 back, i am so scared!!!!! i want this to go well, ugh, I hope it goes well. Anyway, it is offical I am a broke college student. Swimming eats away my money + laundry = broke eddie. But I dont know how much longer i will remain a college student, because I am going to fail out of life. I got a C on my math midterm. It makes me want to scream! I am so upset! I hate math! I did better on my first midterm, without a freakin calculator! ughghgh, FAIL EPICLY! and then I got a B in chem, FAIL! I want AAAAAA. GRRR FAIL. RAWR! i hate life right now. My friend is getting bitchy about my whining, which I guess is understandable, mostly because she is in a similar boat/ worse than me. So, she is thinking of a career change, i am going to hold onto it, and maybe if I cant be a vet, do something else with animal science/ avian science/ art/ whatever else i specialize in. God I am going to cram so much in, in my four year XP, I am excited, but nervous, that I wont be able to keep up with all of it. i miss my friends soooo much! i need them right now! ughgh, i kno it wouldnt matterif i was 10 miles or the 4600 miles, which i am, away from them, but still, i wish they were with me!!!!! i need them, I need them to help me get through this slup. New friends are ok, but they are not the same as my good friends back home XP. AND WHAT MAKES THIS WORSE, WE ARE STUDYIN CATS AND DOGS IN ANI SCI!!! I WANT A KITTY, I WANT MYYYY KITTY!!!! or a puppy, or something! ughhhh, i want a black kitten, social, and i want to name him noodles, and he will be my bestest friend ever. To prove this friendship i will even make a fb for noodles, and make him my top friend! that is how despreate i am for a kitty! mur! bacon!!! ughgh, love blogging right now, it is alleviates my anxiety, good stuff, alright, time to get ready for morning practice. GRAWR!!! HERE WE GO INTO ANOTHER STRESFUL DAY WHERE I HAVE TO WRITE MY ANI SCI PAPER WHICH IS DUE ON FRI, SO NO DISTRACTIONS AFTER 8!!! :( eddie, is not in his happy place

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sooooo my friends through the most amazing party ever, but i couldnt enjoy it, knowing my sister had gotten in a car accident. She called me wishing me a happy birthday, and let me know, on the side, that she got in a car accident. I was worried, she was a bit on the drunk side, so details were vauge, and that only made me worry more. I could not really enjoy myself at all knowing that she might not be ok, or she is in any trouble XP I love her to death, but she makes me worry so much. I feel really bad for everyone throwing me the party, mostly because I was mad at them because I thought they did not appricate me, when they were just keeping a secret.........i suck at figuring people out XP. I called mom and dad, who were of course in bed, and they told me not to worry, and that she was ok. Easier said than done. I was stressing all night, and so I eventually gave up and went back to my room two hours later. I am soooo gald to know that she is ok, and that she told me right away after it happend, I just wish that it didnt happen at all, and at such a rotten time XP. Again thanks for throwing me such an amazing party everyone, and I am sorry I was such a party pooper :(.
ok so, THIS blog is for my family and friends keeping up to date on my life. College is good, very much as I expected. Parties, major studying time, and freaking out about grades while still trying to have a good time. So not too crazy out here in California, but it is not like Maryland, I will say that. Just finished my second wave of midterms, so currently in a no homework phase, even though, I have a paper to write XP. Kinda failing miserably right now. But I am going to keep trying at it. So, thats the update for now, life is pretty good, kinda a struggle right now trying to manage my personal life, and the rest of my life, but I will get through it, just gotta try and be as honest as I can, even it may smash a few peoples feelings. I think I will get started on this paper. Wish me luck XP.