Sunday, November 16, 2008

ok so, THIS blog is for my family and friends keeping up to date on my life. College is good, very much as I expected. Parties, major studying time, and freaking out about grades while still trying to have a good time. So not too crazy out here in California, but it is not like Maryland, I will say that. Just finished my second wave of midterms, so currently in a no homework phase, even though, I have a paper to write XP. Kinda failing miserably right now. But I am going to keep trying at it. So, thats the update for now, life is pretty good, kinda a struggle right now trying to manage my personal life, and the rest of my life, but I will get through it, just gotta try and be as honest as I can, even it may smash a few peoples feelings. I think I will get started on this paper. Wish me luck XP.

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