Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sooooo my friends through the most amazing party ever, but i couldnt enjoy it, knowing my sister had gotten in a car accident. She called me wishing me a happy birthday, and let me know, on the side, that she got in a car accident. I was worried, she was a bit on the drunk side, so details were vauge, and that only made me worry more. I could not really enjoy myself at all knowing that she might not be ok, or she is in any trouble XP I love her to death, but she makes me worry so much. I feel really bad for everyone throwing me the party, mostly because I was mad at them because I thought they did not appricate me, when they were just keeping a secret.........i suck at figuring people out XP. I called mom and dad, who were of course in bed, and they told me not to worry, and that she was ok. Easier said than done. I was stressing all night, and so I eventually gave up and went back to my room two hours later. I am soooo gald to know that she is ok, and that she told me right away after it happend, I just wish that it didnt happen at all, and at such a rotten time XP. Again thanks for throwing me such an amazing party everyone, and I am sorry I was such a party pooper :(.


nakas said...

awww eddie i hope ur sis' feels better
hoopee u had a great bday?
u understand me rite?

Eddie said...

of course naka, i got nakaism down pac