Saturday, November 29, 2008

Its day three of my epic journey of going deep inside the land of epic boredom, and after nearly avoiding deathly scenarios, and earth shattering combats, I have survived. For those of you who appreciate my sarcasm, i want to let you know, that i appreciate you. Last night was actually somewhat interesting. I was talking to my baby Naka and we were talking about when i come home, I will be going down to Castles/ PV Classic/ whatever the fuck it is always keeps changing.........and after a while, he convinced me that I should at least swim one event. So, I emailed Jeff seeing if the feat is actually possible. I am fairly sure it is, because I am registered for USA swimming for my new swim team, so I am pretty sure that I will be swimming. But, I had to choose an event. My choices where between 50 bk, and 200 fly, great options. So naturally I chose the 200 fly over the 50 bk, any day. This is going to be a bitch swim, but I am pretty much guaranteed to make finals. I will be going down to VA, which is about an hour from my house, swimming in prelims, chillin with my peeps till finals, and then swim finals. I am so excited!!!! kinda nervous, cause im not going to do that well, but it will be fun to see everyone cheering for me, hopefully!!!!!!!!

Two more weeks left, one would naturally think that I would be studying all this time being alone. Nope. I have been doing about everything other than studying. I went over a couple of my notes for the lab final this week......that is about it. Other than that, I havent done squat XP. I feel like when all my friends come back, I will get my butt back in action, and start studying again. I have also taken myself to go the gym everyday, and go to practice on top of that. This should be interesting.....OHHH and i was thinking about dying my hair, nothing crazy or ridiculous, just a dark brown. Crazy? idk, just to see what it looks like. Anyone protest?

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