Friday, December 12, 2008


Wow, havent done this a while.....where to start

ok, Thanksgiving passed, and so did finals.....a dark chapter of my life i dont wish to revisit any time soon...........and so did the swim meet. Lets start there

Soooo, the swim meet, the first 200 of my 500 fr was amazing, i went like a 1:56, and kicking some serious butts. But then, i died.......and came back, very slow.......made me sad. But then I was all like, ok, cool, i can go fast in the 200 and the 100 fr im swimming over the weekend, its ok. And that held true for the most part. I swam the 100 fr, and i did well, went a 53 low, and then the 100 bk was bad.....but its ok, the 100 fr was good, equilibrium was meet. But then, I was all ready to swim my 200s.......and then my alarm clock didnt go off.......i tried to call brad, and he tried to call me, but we dont have each others numbers......i was so upset, i wouldve won high point award, and probably gotten a best time XP. My life is very frustrating when it comes to karma. But whatever, I justified this happening by saying it was a good excuse to study for my two finals on Monday, of which, both required little studying at all XP.

I guess that moves the conversation neatly to the subject of finals themselves. A fun topic. The first two were on Monday, and I killed them. I smushed them on the ground and beat them so far down into submission that i couldve bottled it for convenience (Thats for Jessay). And then I was all nervous for my last final yesterday, in math. I was all like, OMG i learned soooo much, iz gunna not remember any of it. As it turns out, it was fairly easy, and I think I did well. But that was with a massive amount of studyin, tada! Poor Jenn and Jess, they have poor study habits and they really dont kno how to study at all......I kinda picked it up last year, on the fine thread of failing AP chemistry....IRONY? But theyre both smart cookies and they survived, and Jenn will most likely do so well, we question the size of her brain again.....oh Jenn. But all in all, it went well, Hopefully.

Now for the most important fact of this week. IM GOING HOME! finally. I am so excited. I am currently sitting at the airport, waiting for someone to say my plane has arrived and i can get on it, so i may depart to the magical land of Maryland :D. Of course it will only remain magical until I am actually there. When I get there, I am sure it will no longer be amazing as I remember it. And Im ok with that. But I am sad to be leaving my home, yes my davis home. I love Davis and I love my friends....iz gunna miss them. Especially after that pushing daisies, not really marathon, more of a spree, with Jessy last night. It was amazing, went saw the latest episode, and then went rummaging for top quotes. I cant wait to come back and watch all of them with her!!!! Jess really understands my love of this show. No one else really gets it, and thats ok, it just makes talking in public awkward.

BTW, its suppose to snow when i get home....SNOW! so exciting. Its not even cold enough to freeze ice here, and its gunna SNOW back in MD. Iz excited.

As for the rest of the week, most of it consisted of finals, nothing eventful. But, I was interested to find that when i posted a quiz to see how well people knew me, my sister knew me the best. She knew me better than any one of my friends. Shes seen me when ive been amazing, and when ive been like shit. She gets me :D. I was also pleased to find that other than that, most people dont kno that much about me......and that is good. I dont like getting too attached to anyone. Oh, I also was able to determine that Jenn, is evil/ amazing....shes like Voldomort, with a vagina.

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