Wednesday, November 19, 2008


ok, i am so nervous for my first meet. I am freakin out. It is not ok. I am still very much out of shape, I am barley holding 1:08 in prac, for 100 back, i am so scared!!!!! i want this to go well, ugh, I hope it goes well. Anyway, it is offical I am a broke college student. Swimming eats away my money + laundry = broke eddie. But I dont know how much longer i will remain a college student, because I am going to fail out of life. I got a C on my math midterm. It makes me want to scream! I am so upset! I hate math! I did better on my first midterm, without a freakin calculator! ughghgh, FAIL EPICLY! and then I got a B in chem, FAIL! I want AAAAAA. GRRR FAIL. RAWR! i hate life right now. My friend is getting bitchy about my whining, which I guess is understandable, mostly because she is in a similar boat/ worse than me. So, she is thinking of a career change, i am going to hold onto it, and maybe if I cant be a vet, do something else with animal science/ avian science/ art/ whatever else i specialize in. God I am going to cram so much in, in my four year XP, I am excited, but nervous, that I wont be able to keep up with all of it. i miss my friends soooo much! i need them right now! ughgh, i kno it wouldnt matterif i was 10 miles or the 4600 miles, which i am, away from them, but still, i wish they were with me!!!!! i need them, I need them to help me get through this slup. New friends are ok, but they are not the same as my good friends back home XP. AND WHAT MAKES THIS WORSE, WE ARE STUDYIN CATS AND DOGS IN ANI SCI!!! I WANT A KITTY, I WANT MYYYY KITTY!!!! or a puppy, or something! ughhhh, i want a black kitten, social, and i want to name him noodles, and he will be my bestest friend ever. To prove this friendship i will even make a fb for noodles, and make him my top friend! that is how despreate i am for a kitty! mur! bacon!!! ughgh, love blogging right now, it is alleviates my anxiety, good stuff, alright, time to get ready for morning practice. GRAWR!!! HERE WE GO INTO ANOTHER STRESFUL DAY WHERE I HAVE TO WRITE MY ANI SCI PAPER WHICH IS DUE ON FRI, SO NO DISTRACTIONS AFTER 8!!! :( eddie, is not in his happy place

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nakas said...

I like how ths is not @ all about the swim meet