Friday, March 6, 2009


Haven't updated this thing in a while. To be honest I have been avoiding it a little. I am terrified of going back into emo mode, after my last post (it got hastily withdrawn). It was basically an emo rant, that is all you need to know.

I am on call tonight.
There are problems among friends, and it is my job to stand by with a box of tissues, and a consolidating nod here and there. But, I know my role this time. People do not want to hear solutions to their problems. Not tonight. Tonight, they just want to attack until there is nothing left to attack. So, here I am. Ready to pick up the pieces.

Of course, the details are vague. It might even happen tonight. I might not even be needed. But I will be here, just in case. Pathetic. Perhaps.

Well, to fill everyone in on the details of my life, i suppose I should get started. Not much has changed since winter break. I now like who I am, I am not ashamed of who I was, and I am proud of the progression I made from what I was to what I am. Of course, this is only a small step, and I am sure I will have many more as I get older. But for now, my life is stable. That is all I can ask for.

Other than that, there are the little things. Classes are going, well, somewhat smoothly. Math sucks, of course. If I work my butt off I can get a B, so I will probably end up with a C or a B-. Yay! Chem is going surprisingly well. I might even get an A. Yay! English is really easy. But, as much as I loath how easy it is, I actually kind of enjoy it. I enjoying sitting, getting ready to write, and not have to worry about being wrong. I just figure out what the author is saying, and figure out what I want to say with it, and start writing, with no inabitions. Anywho. I just had really long chat with a new friend who goes to UCD and is from HoCo MD!!!!! Seriously amazing! And she is not some creepy weirdo!!!! yes!! I cannot wait to meet her in person at chipotle on Thurday!! uber excited!

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