Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kicked out of the house at Panera?

So, I am kicked out of the house for a little while, and I am chilling in Panera for a bit. Now, it is not what you think! The house is just getting cleaned before our departure to Ireland. We leave for Ireland tonight at like 8 or 9ish. I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED. I have never been abroad before, not even to freaking Canada, so I am beyond thrilled to be going all the way to England/ Ireland for two weeks.

Mom has been freaking out the past couple of days. I came home last night and she started yelling at me, and I knew she was just stressed out, but she got under my skin a bit, so I started yelling back. Ten minutes later I walk down-stairs and she apologizes. I am probably the only child who can yell at his mother and get away with it.

Other than that summer has been pretty uneventful. At least when it comes to big life changing events anyway. I have been making sure I keep myself busy socializing, learning new songs on the piano, reading, drawing, and lots of other junk. Not having a job means that I have to make sure I don't go crazy bored and start trying to do new things again (like when I learned Italian and piano last summer). So, I have just been getting ready for my art classes in August and for my job at the morgue. Yep, I'm getting a job at a morgue (hopefully). I will be slicing up dead people and messing around with their organs and what-not. I know I shouldn't be excited, because society frowns upon getting excited about autopsy a little, but I am freaking excited. After watching a ton of X-files watching Skulley cut open a ton of dead people, I am super excited to see it in real life. I am such a dork. But for serious, I am super excited to get back to school. This year I made some really awesome friends, who I owe a lot to, and it is actually hard for me to be so far away from them right now. I am going to have a hard time saying goodbye when we all go to different grad schools, maybe we will have drifted apart by then, but I kind of doubt it.

That's another fun topic: grad school. I still have to take the MCATs and the GREs. I have figured I am going to apply to vet school and med school, and if I get into a good vet school I will go there. But, chances are I won't, so I have my back-up at being a doctor. And if I don't get into either of those, I can either be a hobo, or take a couple years off and work at a zoo, retake the tests, and the reapply 2 years later. At least I have a plan now. My Uncle Larry didn't get into med school, so if I know at least I will be able to talk to him about what I should do next. I have accepted the fact that I am not super smart. I am kinda smart, but to be a doctor I feel you have to be super smart. I am going to give it my best here, but I ain't holding my breathe or nothing.

I don't think everyone would be super disappointed in me either. I work killer hard and that is all anyone could really ask for. I am not super talented and gifted with brains like Kate, or even James sometimes. I have had to work for everything. Which, I don't mind, there are just limitations to how much i can really do sometimes, and how much effort I can really put in before i go all kinds of crazy.

Swim Club went out strong-ish last year. Strong enough to compel me to continue the program next year. I say this because if I don't do it, no one will. I hate how incredibly stubborn I can be sometimes, but I really want this to work out. The Men's Swimming and Diving Team for UCD just got cut, so that means we have a good chance of getting more members, I am just worried we will get some really serious people who want to compete, and we really don't have anyone to compete agaist right now. All the other clubs in the area aren't college run, and all the college run swim clubs keep going under. I am thinking we should hold like a city wide swim meet for all the clubs, old people, students, ect. and see if we can get any fund-raising money doing that. I hope so. But, again it is a ton of work, and this is difficult because I wanted to start doing tae kwon do again when I get back to school. I want to be able to compete next year/ senior year and be able fight again. Haven't sparred in god knows how long. I am just ready to bash someones head in, literally. But, if swim club is super time consuming I won't be able to get the training I want in. Plus, I am also taking 18 units this quarter :/. I am essentially taking all the classes I have been putting off taking in one quarter: Physics 7A, University Writing 1, Animal Bio 50A, Bio Chem 102, and Statics 13. Not going to be a fun quarter in the fall.

But summer is going to be fun!!! I start classes on August 2nd and I am taking my basic art classes. I am taking Art 4 drawing and 5 sculpting. I will essentially be in the art studio 6 hours a day with an hour break in between each 3 hours for lunch. Everyday Monday- Thursday. I then have Friday off and will hopefully be using that time to work. I will be hopefully working 8am-5pm Fri/ Sat/ Sunday and be on call from 5pm to 8 am one day of the week. This is fine because my classes end around 4. I am going to be super busy because I will also be training extra with extra practices in tae kwon do. Plus, I have to make sure I see all my friends who are there chilling for the summer or taking classes. I think most of my friends are there, so it shall be awesome. PLUS, I will have my car out there! My dad said he would ship the car out there so I won't have to bike EVERYWHERE!!!! This is a huge huge convenience that I know have. So happy. I won't use it all that often. Like, I can still bike on campus and bike to go see my friends; but, now I can use my car if it is raining or something, and we have practice or something like that. SUPER AMAZING AWESOME. I do not know how many times I had to bike in the rain to practice, only to have it canceled by thunder RIGHT when I got there. Actually I can. It happened 4 times. 4 Mother trucking times. Each time I would show up completely soaked and miserable. One time I even had walked there because it had looked nice out, and I thought it would be a good day to walk. HOW WRONG I WAS. I show up the pool SOAKING WET and without shows (because my shoes were too hard to wear in the rain and they were giving me blisters), and the lifeguard J.J looks at me and laughs and says there was thunder 5 minutes (I heard it too I was hoping she ignored it) and that practice was canceled. I couldn't help laughing myself, with how ridiculous the situation had turned out. I still had lab though, so I go to lab dripping wet, holding my shoes, and sit in the lab building waiting for class in 2 hours. A.J and Melissa see me and start laughing from down the hallway, cause they saw my lack of shoes and knew it was me. I was a sight of hilarity that day. BUT NOW I CAN AVOID ALL OF THIS WITH MY FANCY CAR! YAYYYY.

Ok, I am tired of writing stuffs. It has been almost an hour. I am going to go for a long drive and wait for Kendrick to call me to tell me we can hang before I go on my plane to IRELAND.

Did I mention I am excited. I am planing on getting "lost," finding a cute Irish girl to marry, and start a sheep farm. I have gotten a mix of results form my friends. Half say good luck and send an address so I can come visit. Half have said NO WE WILL BE YOU. I then laugh at this half and think to myself, what on earth would posse the people to actually enjoy having me around. Most people can't stand me, and for good reason, I can be a serious jack-ass :P. I was actually talking to Kelsey Smith about this yesterday. I told her of some of the grad schools I was applying to: Uni of London, Sydney University, Dublin U., UCD, and a couple of east coast schools. She said I am ridiculous and should at least try to stay in the states. She asked why I always apply so absurdly far away, and I honestly did not have an answer. Still don't really. I just like going new places to live for a little while, then move on. I am like a nomad. Enh, whatever. Panera is filling up, and I said I would end this post like 3 paragraphs ago. END POST.

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