Sunday, February 1, 2009

oh my god forgive me who i am not

Sooo i have not updated this thing in about forever in a half, and there is plenty to tell so buckle yourselves in and hold on tight.

Lets see, lets start with, well i have no idea where to start. I guess we should start with that Ive stopped water polo. Its a fun game, and if had been playing longer and didn't suck as hard as i do, i might have stayed with it. It was simply that i was soo bad, and i felt bad for making my poor team suck even worse then they do already. Basically. But, jessie and i have been going to the gym everyday, so there isn't going to be an issue of me getting fat. I don't plan on it anyway. Then, there are midterms, and how much they suck. I just took all of my midterms, two last week, one the week before, and my GOD they sucked so freaking hard. I got a C on Avian Science= fail, then i am pretty sure i did poorly on my chem and math midterms cause they were much more difficult than i thought they were going to be. Wheee, fun! but but but, English class is amazingly easy! of course this is just workload, so there is not much to be stoked on.....but still the dumb asses in that class make me feel about 200% better about my writing abilities. I love getting As on my paper, makes me feel smart. but other than that i just can not wait to be finished with math and chemistry, i hate them both sooo much. rawr. so yea.

i am thinking of switching my major to wild life dealing with exotic animals. I like wild animals more than goats and cows. Don't get me wrong, love goats, butttttt, i really want to travel to somewhere like the Arctic and study walruses or polar bears or wolves! that would be amazing. wild life vet? idk. I guess i will stay on the animal science vet track for a while, but, i have a nice fall back dream. It is really thanks to jessie, who is kinda mad at me right now, i should probably elaborate.

Soooo, today was pretty normal day. Chillin with Jenn and Jess ( at this point i will call the combined unit Jesn) after i worked out with Jess. All was hunky dory and then we went to Starbucks with Evan and Leah, my god Jenn and Jess love startbucks as much as an alcoholic loves vodka. But anyway, we get back, and go to dinner, nothing fancy, but i had stolen jessie's phone to talk to will about going to dinner, which he didn't, and i still had it. I kept it on my person, even when the girls ran upstairs thinking it would be "cute" to lock Evan and i out of the, Evan and i went upstairs to wills room, and i took a little revenge, Now keep in mind i still had Jessie's phone, and i am not one to let opportunities slip through my fingers so easily. So I texted a good group of random on her phone, some i knew, one or two i didnt, "i hate u, dont talk to me anymore"....most ppl who i texted caught on pretty quickly, i think kelly caught on first. Jane was confused, and i just made her more confused until she called evan and he explained it was me texting her, and she called me an idiot, so i called her a bitch (i may be obnoxious, but i am certainly no idiot). Another girl called her phone directly (the smarter in the bunch if i say so myself) and i told her she was apart of a cruel prank, and she laughed, and we talked a little, and she was nice. But this one guy Bryan(?) was all pissed and being a complete idot about it, not catching on at all. Stupid boy. Turned out this boy was the same that jessie had issues with (and still does i suppose) and she got all mad when i showed her the message that bryan sent back. He was very upset, and i do feel bad for making him upset, but really, the kid is kinda dumb for not catching on, just about everyone else caught on right away, and it was just him in the end......he really should have called or something......but i do feel bad about messing with the crazy. But Jessie was sooo mad, and Jenn and Leah were all defending her friend, Jenn just kicked me and didn't say anything, she kicked me much more than usual, which is fine, cause i did feel bad about Bryan, so i just let that go, and then Leah tried to yell at me for messing with ppl, but i fired back saying that it was just a prank, and everyone (minus Bryan) caught on, and it really didn't hurt anyone (except for maybe this bryan kid, but from what Ive been told it needed to be done anyway). Leah kept trying to say it shouldn't have been done at all, and i fought back saying I'm not sorry for what i did, it was payback for the annoying shit that those girls do, with all lets talk behind the boys back, and have "girl talk" when i don't keep anything from them. I don't have (too if any) many secrets from them, and i really hate it when they feel the need to keep stuff from me, it not just annoying, its kind of insulting. If it was something i didn't need to hear, they should have just told me instead of playing games. Sorry guys, but this how i feel, and you know what, I am not sorry for saying it :P.

So basically, Jessie is upset with me, but i think this will blow over because we are better friends than to let something like this ruin it. and if I'm mistaken, then oh well. I love u guys like family, but you all know how easily detached i am.

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