Saturday, January 17, 2009

having a good day, and then all of a sudden, u had to go and ruin my childhood, y u gotta do that honky?

soo basicially, amazing. Lets see, start, ummmm....where to start, i think tuesday? tuesday. Nothing really happened, other than played water polo again, and it was freakin amazing, but i dont exactly know if im going to actually play, cause i reall ydont think im good enough for the team :P. Fail. Oh well....Wendsday was free pie night, and with my soul mate Kelly! she fit in with the group uber well! she was extra funny, and soo much fun to chill with. I picked a good soul mate :D. Thennnn, thursday, nothing really happened at all, i think i hung out with jessie, but i dont remember cause it was boring, and i didnt do much other than write a paper and do some math, well not really math, but ya knowwww. Then Friddayyy, intresting. Missed some shit, thats all that needs to be said, but i did do some bonding with Will on Fri, yayayayay! i dont hate that kid anymore! huzzahhh!!!

Theennn, this morning Jessie took all these modeling photos of me, and they were amazing and i was all, ur amazing, so now i just gotta submit them and itll be good. TTTThhhhennn, we went to big kid park, not as amazing as it sounded, but still, jessie and i got some more shots, and poor jenn wasnt feeling good, so we took her home and watched never ending story.....bascially, most perverted thing ever!!!! i was so upset, my childhood video was creepy and perverted, and i was all like, y isnt this a pg13 movie, its got freakin boobs in ittt!!!come on!!!! and then my lucky dragon turned out to be a creeper, worst childhood ever basically. So sad. Yea, sory for not updating this properly, with all my crazy detail and shit. But im lazy, and my jacket cam in the mail today! so i have to go celebrate, peace!


Jenn said...

you talk in your sleep ;D

Eddie said...