Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Sooooo, i now kno why by blogs are soooo long, its because i dont update this thing enough XP. Lets seeee. Lets start back Thursday. Nothing too crazy, everyone at bakers square remembered me.......crazy.

Then Firday, went back to the dorms, and unpacked, took the writing test, failed because i didnt know what they wanted, i could probably pass if i took it again, but i wont, just want to take the class and get it over with. The rest of friday was boring.

Saterday, Jenn and Jess came back. We chilled for a while, i left early so they could have fun together. then Sunday, went out and chilled with Micheline, had a good time.\

Monday, school started. Avian Science is more needs to be said. Then rushing off to math, the new teacher is a biologist.......making the class about 20 times harder all of a sudden. Not so much fun. Then English.....SUCKS! everyone there is as dumb as a freakin rock, a rock ppl, a rock. Stupid people. But there is one kid, whose a swimmer, i can talk to him.....not tooo bad.

Tuesday, class early, not so bad. I can wake up earlier than most, so im ok with 7:30 class. But then with the lab right after it, especially when i hadent read the lab yet because they hadnt told us to, SUCKS BALLS!!! it really sucked. ummmmm, then went to math review session. New TA seems to know what hes talking about, but i dont like him, theres something about him i dont like about him, im sure ill figure out what i dont like soon. Then water polo practice. Freaking crazy! The guys didnt know i had noo idea how to play, so they just threw me in there, and i started to take a swing at it. I was really shy, and i was afraid to be agressive, but the other guys werent. So, that helped a little bit. They are all really nice, and friendly, and really lax. I cant wait to try again, i just feel bad i really suck at it, and my team has to suffer for it :P. But i cant wait to try it again

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