Saturday, January 10, 2009

Working Gears come togther

So.........its been a longggg week. Feels like an entire month has pasted, but its only been a week. Time is a fickle mistress, freakin time, make up ur mind woman!!! Lets seeeeee, where to start. Lets start with wensday, cause idk where i left off on this thing, and wend. was interesting. Lets seeeee, to start off the day, i woke up, that usually has to happen, occasionally it doesnt, but i dont remember that part. Went to AVS 11, and then calc, fun shit, not really......then went to lunch with the gang, u should all kno who that is by now....then went to Writing, stupid class, dont even kno why i dont just retake the damn test, cause i would sooooo ace it now that i know what they want....w/e. then then then. we went for pie. Free pie nights are the best!!! love free pie nights.

Ate lots of pie, and different pies, and loved them all. AMAZING!!! i also had a coffee, which was a really bad idea because i decided i was gunna work out after pie......i kinda threw up all the coffee and pie after i ran a quick mile. Thus ending my work outs till present. XP. It upset my stomach sooo much, but im going to get back on the wagon starting tomorrow, good stuff. Then after i was all sicky sick, i went back to jenn's and jessie's and chilled there for like 10 min, fell on the floor, and fell asleep underneath jessies bed for like 2 2 hours ever. I slept sooo well. I was dead after that mile, and that nap was just what i needed. Then jessie and jenn pulled me out from underneath the longer was eddie happily asleep, no longer was eddie entranced in the lovely state that blurs the line between fantasy and fiction, no longer was eddie dancing on the delicate glass fragments of dreams from another world. No, eddie was not gently drifted from the magical place of utter fancy, but ripped out from the womb!!!! I was not happy, but too drunk from being ripped out of my state of joy to notice, so i wandered back to my place and crashed till my 7:30 class, and then went back to bed after it ended. I was really upset about being awake.

Thennnnn, on Thursday, i ate lunch with the Jenn in was weird. It wasnt REALLY awkward, just kinda, mostly cause jenn and i are not usually left alone with one another, and shes really awkward with most boys.....but i think it was ok, we talked about this and that, nice little chit chat, couldnt really tell what jenn was thinking when she was drifting off into her world of lala, but it wasnt menacing, so i was fine with it. Then she went to class like 3 hours later, and i chilled afterward. Then, went to dinner with the whole gang, minus jessie but plus will and evan, jessie was doing yoga with jane, and when i escorted her to the arc, i left my keys there!!! but at the time i didnt kno, so when i found out they were lost, i was freakin out and then i didnt find them till the next day, and that was after i like called all these places and went wandering around looking for them on Thursday night, but thats more of a side story. After dinner, jenn and sarah had sorority junk, and so i ate dinner again with jessie, it was good fun eating dinner twice. Then, went up to wills room and watched a rerun of the office, and then 30 rock. I am beginning to like will more because he is a guy, and there are no other guys in the group, so i cant talk guy stuff with, soooo, i think im gunnna try and not dislike him more....try, its not like hes a bad guy, there is simply something i dont like about him.....i feel bad because i pick at him all the time, and he really doesnt deserve it, buttttttttttt, there is just something i cant place my finger on ittt thoughhhh!! sorry will.

So after freaking out all Thursday night, i get up on fri and go to classes, and then go to lunch with the gang plus leah in tecero, and then leah takes us horseback riding!!! it was sooo much fun!!! i had never riden a horse b4, and i lovvvve luther!!! he is sooo sweet, and cuteeee, and i love horses!!!!!!! and then leah was all, im getting free room and bored for working at the horse barn, and i was all, i want free room and bored!!!!! so i was all, hook me upppp!! and so we went to the office to ask about the applications, but they rnt up yet, and now im going with leah on monday/ tues, to talk to Holly, person who runs this stuff, to sign up to shadow leah and learn how to feed the horses!! im super excited to work with the horses, even though i have heard from EVERYONE that horse girls are BITCHES!!!!! i have been warned, but im a big boy, i can handle myself. and the free room is worth it, i NEED THIS! so im gunna start working there and then be all like smoozing and stuff. hopefully :D, but anyway, after horseback riding i went to class, wrote an essay, no problem for the amazing writer eddie! but i kinda gave up at the end and was all, i dont even care, but the essay isnt graded, so i didnt care, it just had to be 2 pages, single or double spaced, and mine was single, so i just gave up at the end, enh. Then tyhen then then then, I FOUND MY KEYSSSS!! there they were in the arc lost and found!!! HUZZAH, made my day. So i celebrated by going to dinner with jess and sarah not jenn, she was gone, and all that jazz, then went back on my bike, which i had to leave in gmore because i had lost my keys. Then went out to party the rest of night with some friends out there in Cuarto, u kno who r ;D.

Thennnnn, i went all out and about today, doing stuff, nothing really exciting or worth writing. Cam back and was all JESSIE!!! DINNER AND BADMITTEN!! then sarah was all, basketball game. And i was like, i dont like basketball. I got outvoted, so i ended up going to the basketball game thinking i would be able to pretend to be into it for like half of it, FAILED!!! idk y, butttt i just cant watch sports, that dont involve water, soo boring. And sarah was being all bitchy and saying that if i wasnt interested to leave, but i was trying to be a good friend and hang out with them and do what they want, so i cussed her out, thatll teach her to mess!!! i was also really grumpy for some odd reason......dont kno y, so i left, and im soo tired i dont wanna go out partyin, soo im here typing on my computer on a sat night, and im ok with it, cause im just tooo tired to do anything else :D.

Soooo now that only leaves us with the future. tomorrow the game plan is to do hw, and laundry, and get those other two packages that never freakin came!!!! im gunna avoid the gang tomorrow, i need a break from the on going intimacy that they create, im getting too attached to them, not really, i think i just need some space from everyone for a day or two, eddie time. Theennnnn, monday, classes, and all that jazz, not really anything too in particular, maybe ill take up the water polo teams offer to go to play indoor soccer, prob not. Then tues=death, ughgh, and i have water polo, im kinda excited? ill just make sure im more agressive, and not afraid to say im gunna leave at 8, sall good. But i think im gunna stick with it. and then the rest of the week will prob go as according to plan with a variation here or there, but nothing crazy like angels from heaven escorting me to go exploring up in the great beyond, if that happens, im pretty sure, that would be freakin boss. Basically.

So duck ur head, and hold ur breathe, and ram through that glass door that has been holding you back from living. Its ur life, live it well, i did it, and it was worth the cuts that the glass gave me :D

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